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Updated August 2023

Laboratory of Interfacial & Small Scale Transport {LIS2T}

Research Openings for Caltech Graduate Students
The Laboratory of Interfacial & Small Scale Transport {LIS2T} at the California Institute of Technology is announcing multiple research openings for Caltech Graduate Students interested in the general area of nonlinear dynamics pertaining to micro/nanoscale systems. For current projects, preference will be given to applicants with a strong background in Mathematical Physics, Condensed Matter Physics, Applied Physics or Computational and Applied Mathematics. Positions will remain open until filled. We are seeking highly motivated and creative individuals with strong academic credentials who genuinely relish intellectual challenges. Applicants must demonstrate strong motivation and work ethic, excellent organizational and writing skills, and an ability to complete tasks on time. They must also demonstrate excellent oral and interpersonal skills, clear and tactful communication, and strong interest in advanced academic research.
Project headers in purple signify current offerings of highest priority.

Theoretical and Computational Studies of High-Order Nonlinear PDEs Involving Moving Boundary Problems in Hydrodynamic Systems Molecular Dynamics Simulations For Rapid Cooling of High Power Density Chips - Colloboration with NASA Ames Research Center and industrial partners Computational Studies of Micropropulsion Systems. Restricted to US citizens and permanent residents. Experimental Design and Analysis General Requirements

Applicants must provide evidence of strong academic performance, strong work ethic, excellent writing and communication skills, and intention to pursue a professional career in scientific research. Opportunities provide an opportunity for working closely with the Principal Investigator and research collaborators to develop advanced problem solving skills in an environment which fosters creativity, depth and breadth. Candidates will enjoy access to modern computational and analysis tools as well as modern laboratory facilities and instrumentation.